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"born in Paris"



Our brand was born with a revolutionary idea: breaking the old standards of glossy magazines that show the world beauty standards not owned by all women. There has always been a sort of disparity in the high fashion industry that has seen those types of women being discriminated away from the idea of ​​beauty they praised, constantly putting these women in the position of choosing the best of the worst, without the ability to express their own style.

It is on this premise that Ama unique is born, a premium brand in which there are no size limits. Born in Paris, the undisputed capital of haute couture, Ama Unique combines French savoir-faire with the mysticism of Japanese culture.

“According to the legend, AMAs 海女 were Japanese mermaids who dived into the sea to seek for rare pearls. They were a special caste of curvy women and, because of their particular physical traits, the only ones permitted to gather these treasures”.


Our skill is to offer our customers a high-quality tailor-made garments. Our individual approach through the personalization of our pieces based on personal needs, guarantees 100% satisfaction of our customers, making you feel unique.

We design unambiguous dresses worn by urban women who love fashion and are proud to show the world their character through their clothes. Our charm is our ability to create ambitious, elegant, authentic clothes while maintaining a naturally fresh look.

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