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Wedge, Column, Pear, and Hourglass: 4 Body Types to Know

Some clothing designers (mostly beginners) make their designs on the standard 6th size form. But there is every chance the results of their work will not fit the real women. These designers` mistake is not taking into account different body types which real women have. They should consider this fact along with height and weight.

Lots of buyers make a similar mistake when they think size tags are everything they need to pick the right black dress, off-shoulder peplum, or any other type of clothes. By not taking into account the body types, women risk buying a dress that will not fit them properly despite the correct size. But once they find the answer to the question 'What is my body type?' before going shopping, they will have a much better chance of choosing their perfect dress.

There are several female body types, but all of them can be divided into four main groups: wedge, column, pear, and hourglass. Each of these groups has certain types of outfits that complement the body and the types that should be avoided.


The wedge-shaped body type characteristics are wide shoulders, wide chest, and narrow waist. This body type is also called an inverted triangle. Your outfits should accentuate a torso and highlight your perfect waistline. You will look great in cigarette style pants and other straight cuts. Your wardrobe must contain pant-suits and gowns with no straps to help to define your good-looking upper-body frame. You must avoid some types of clothes that look good on skinny girls, for example, boat line necks or spaghetti strap tops. They will focus attention on your shoulders, which is not desirable.


If you are a lean girl and your chest, waist, and lower body have nearly similar measurements, and your body has a straight look, then you have a column-shaped body. People with this type of body have almost no curves, they are slim and thin, and their arms and legs are a great asset for them. You should draw attention to your curves by wearing necklines and scoop necks. To bring some dimension to your upper body, wear collar shirts and ruffle tops. The skinny girl clothes should also include belts to highlight a waistline and make a body look a little bit curvier.


Most women have a lower body wider than an upper body – this is a pear-shaped body type. The most prominent parts of such bodies are thighs, hips, and pelvis. The best plus size clothing for young women with the pear-shaped body is flared bottoms. You can remove unnecessary attention from your lower body, and create an image of the hourglass body type by combining wide-leg pants, skater skirts or a-line skirts with crop-tops or body-fit tops. The perfect color scheme of dressy clothes for plus size women is a combination of dark bottoms in contrast to lighter shades of the upper half of the body. You should avoid the tight-fitted bottoms, but if you do wear something of this kind, combine it with a ruffle or flowy top.


Do your upper and lower body have approximately the same proportions, and your waistline is well-defined? Then you are lucky to have a body type that lots of women dream about – the hourglass-shaped body. It is easy for you to highlight your curves because almost any type of outfit is suitable for your figure. You should wear pencil skirts, bodysuits, and outfits that hug your body, V-necks, high-waist jeans – all of these clothing will draw attention to your figure. You should avoid all clothes that add volume to your body and make you look a little stout.

The plus-sized clothing market has a lot of gorgeous outfits to offer for any type of figure. European designers create elegant collections for all female body shapes. And in North America, there are plenty of clothing stores for plus size women, in Toronto and New York particularly, that fulfill all the needs of sophisticated customers.


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