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Valentine's Day Fashion Trends: All Do’s and Don’ts

Valentine's Day always comes on February 14, and this year is no exception. No matter what you plan for it. You may make plans on a romantic date, a dinner with your galentines, or a cozy night in an armchair getting lost in your own thoughts. In any case you need something special, something fabulous, needn’t you?

Two R’s vs. Two C’s

Traditional Valentine's Day fashion offers you two R’s instead of two C’s: Red and Romantic instead of Comfortable and Casual. Actually, classic reds, pinks and their various shades might be an obvious choice. Though heart-printed garments look cheesy, red color scheme is always appropriate.

Pastel shades like blush, sage, grey, cream and lilac are strongly associated with this holiday. If you want something hotter, you may choose yellow, mint, teal, navy, violet, and orange. Winter whites are always popular. Actually, these colors are eternal classic, as they were on the top of Valentine's Day fashion 2019, as they are today, and as they will be next years.

If you don’t want to follow the red-and-pink line, you have a chance to demonstrate your creativity. No one would blame you if you skip all these lovey-dovey schemes in favor of black, leopard prints or even polka dots. Nothing is too much, if you feel comfortable.

You may opt for a dress, skirt, leggings, jumpsuit, or sweater, but all the pieces should meet three F’s: Flirty, Fancy, and Feminine. It’s a must, if you want to look unforgettable.

This is a traditional view on the matter. But what is the professional opinion on Valentine's Day fashion 2020?

Some Useful Tips from Experts

Celebrity fashion designer Katharine Polk is used to deal with style dressing celebs like Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez, and she has revealed some hottest Valentine's Day fashion trends. She insists that delicate Chantilly lace is a key success. Lace allows girls to be sexy, showing skin and beautiful underwear, and it is perfect for layering. A lace top should be combined with a pair of silk pants or something like this, not so revealing as the top.

She also suggests bias cut silk dresses and long sleeve dresses with a high slit. Short and tight dresses are inadvisable. And… diamonds are still a girl's best friend. Katharine advises natural diamonds as a go-to accessory.

Roxanne Adamiyatt, the senior editor at Town & Country, and Lauren Hubbard, a Town & Country contributor, offer their quite different approaches to the perfect V-day attire. Lauren’s set of looks is quite traditional. A splash of burgundy, ivory, bright fuchsia, crimson, ruby, scarlet, and navy; a mixture of lace, velvet, and silk; floral prints and sequin fringe – all this splendor is a burst of total femininity.

Roxanne believes that chic outfits should be more diverse. She picked photos of nine different influencer-created outfits from Instagram as an example of the ideal holiday look. Some photos demonstrate a balance of feminine and masculine elements, some of them are a bit romantic, while others combine incompatible items. No special V-day marks can be found. These looks don’t signal a definite holiday, and they will be suitable for any special day.

Lauren Adhav, the Cosmopolitan's associate fashion editor, tries to combine chic with utility, typical V-day trends with functionality. The color scheme is close to traditional: various pink shades prevail, scarlet, raisin, berry, purple, burgundy alternate with black, cream and bright prints. Mini, midi, maxi skirts, leather pants, velvet jumpsuit and jeans – any attire to any taste. Curvy girls are not ignored; many photos demonstrate Valentine's Day fashion plus size. You may wear any piece for so many other occasions like wedding or a birthday party, but at the same time they still keep a delicate V-day spirit.

Marina Liao, the fashion news editor at, comes up with five outfits. Despite the modest number of her variants, she was creative picking them. Marina offers outfits which can be easily worn the next day after the holiday, and she is the only one who used the heart motif cliché, but it doesn’t look cheesy. You may find hearts on a bag, in a sweater print and… on a pajama set! Yes, that’s right, here is a "staying in" option included. Those who want to stay at home with a boyfriend can also feel the holiday spirit being comfortable at the same time. By the way, this pajama is also appropriate if you are single and just want to pass the time at home with a book.

Postscript: a Bit of Don’ts

No matter what style you prefer, you may be any size or any age. You need to follow some simple rules. Be yourself and be comfortable. Don’t choose the clothes which make you feel discomfort. Stay true to your preferences and don’t try too hard to achieve perfection. And the last but not the least: don't dress for him or her. Be the main person of your life.

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