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Best Terribly Charming Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Halloween is coming, and all of us are trying to figure out, what Halloween costumes to choose. If you are looking for the plus size Halloween costumes, you can visit specialized websites where you may find what you need. But why not show some creativity and come up with something unique? Here are some ideas for women`s plus size Halloween costumes to make you look fantastic on the holiday.

Costumes described below are not difficult to craft, but in case you don`t have such an opportunity, these ideas can inspire you to find the needed elements in the shops and complete your outfit.

Rebel Wilson dressed as a witch

During Halloween Eve, the most appropriate dress is the scariest one. So why don`t you try plus size Halloween costumes for women in a witchcraft topic? It can be very simple – just a black dress, black hat, and a broom. Such plus size Halloween costumes 3x, 5x are easy to find in the shops or make by yourself.

Another win-win variant for the Halloween costume is a classic bat costume – black color, hoodie with pretty bat ears, and graceful wings will make you look gorgeous!

One more exceptional idea for Halloween is Maleficent witch costume, which fits any woman, regardless of clothing size. To continue the witch's theme, we should not forget the Sea Witch costume consisting of a black dress, black shimmering skirt with purple ruffled trim and sleeves, and a gilded crown.

Cardi B dressed as Cruella de Vil

And what would say about the sexy plus size Halloween costume of a Cruella de Vil? A dalmatian print on the sleeves and the collar, long black skirt, red satin gloves make an awesome and scary look!

In any case, the image of a witch gives you a place for your imagination. You can choose a long or short skirt, you can change a hat, you can add new colors and accessories, and each time it will be a new stylish Halloween outfit.

For sure, the best Halloween costumes are the scary ones. But who said you have to limit your fantasies? Why do we even wear costumes on Halloween? Not only to frighten people around but to try out something different, to take a completely new identity just for a few hours. And you have a great choice!

Tess Holliday dressed as Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice

Have you ever wondered what is it like to be a stewardess? Halloween is a great time to try this role and put on this costume! And what about the plus-size outfit of a mermaid? Just a black top and a frisky sparkling skirt that reminds Ariel`s fishtail – simple and creative! But if you want to try the evil side, the idea of the voluptuous Ursula`s costume is exactly what you`re looking for! It is a perfect choice for the plus-size models.

Queen Latifah dressed as Nefertiti

If you like the sea and the water themes, check the idea of a siren plus size costume. Emerald dress, gilded crown, belt, wrist cuffs, and trident in your hands will make your outfit beautiful and dangerous!

And what about turning into a seductive Red Riding Hood? Don’t forget to take your basket and find the evil wolf (can be a toy of a wolf in your basket), and then punish him as he deserves. Also, if you want to punish the bad guys, but fairytale characters don`t attract you, try something more realistic, for example, a police officer`s costume.

Adele dressed as the Mask

Or maybe do you want to be a fairy godmother? Then, put on a white or a soft-blue dress, a hooded jacket, take your magic wand, and spread the kindness around!

If you ask us, what are the most popular Halloween costumes, we`ll prefer to answer that it is totally up to you to decide which costume will be the best for you. The main idea is for you to feel comfortable, attractive, and self-confident to enjoy the celebration. As we mentioned above, people wear costumes on Halloween so they could try a completely new role or character, so go ahead and impress everyone with your holiday outfit!

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