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Best Shopping Destinations for the New Year

New Year holidays… Crowds of people, lots of joy, grand plans, greetings, and journeys! But what about combining journeys, plans, and joy? Yes, let’s go shopping! Skip your local department store and instead set forth on a trip for other countries, where you can explore something entirely new bringing lots of souvenirs and sweet memories back.

New Year’s Eve in New York at Times Square


You should be picky about the place of your New Year shopping. Wrong choice will ruin all your expectations. To avoid such a failure take all the peculiarities of a selected country into consideration. For example if you ask “Are shops open in Spain on New Year's Day?” the answer will be “No.” January 1 is one of the public holidays, and Spain seems to be quite a lonely place. Most shops are closed, transport is infrequent and it is difficult to get around the city. That is why you’d better not plan shopping activities in Spain for this date, but don’t feel discouraged, January is still a top discount month. Discounts may achieve up to 70% of original price.


New Year in China is usually celebrated in late January or early February. This is the most significant Chinese date, and it is celebrated lavishly. And the Chinese New Year Shopping Festival is one of the greatest attractions. It takes place in Chengdu, a city which is the capital of the Chinese province of Sichuan, at the Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is the biggest worldwide event, which is an obvious place for a festive China shopping spree. At the upcoming 23rd Festival you may find everything you want. The goods of different categories will be showcased there, such as items of tech life, brand clothing, leather goods, jewelry and fashion accessories, food, etc. Hurry up then, the event starts on January 25, 2020, and ends on February 1, 2020. You will have a week for the exploration of this unique destination!

Chinese New Year in Bangkok

Hong Kong

See Hong Kong during Chinese New Year, it’ll be the greatest experience for any sophisticated traveler! Parades, firework shows, dragon dances will impress the most demanding tourists. No doubt, you will benefit from the Hong Kong Chinese New Year shops, luxury malls and crowded markets. You cannot but visit Times Square, which offers you fantastic 9 floors full of various stores. Don’t want to go there? Head to Landmark Mall or IFC Towers complex.


What are New Year’s Day London shopping hours and London shops opening times? New Year’s Day is full of surprises. Don’t worry, most shops will be open, but they may start their work later and have reduced hours. Have one-of-a-kind experience in the high-end boutiques of Mayfair and St. James’s. When you get tired of them, you should visit Harrods, a well-known shopping symbol of the British capital. Looking for small pleasant gifts? Christmas markets will help you, as they will work on the first week of January.


Are shops open in Paris on New Year’s Day? A major part of small shops and tourist attractions will be closed this day, but during the next week you may walk around the Christmas markets looking for artisan goodies. Galeries Lafayette is a must-visit for any dedicated shopaholic.


Dubai New Year shopping festival can change your opinion on the UAE. It will start on January 1, 2020, and during the month you’ll have an opportunity to browse electronic items, furniture, jewelry, leather products, perfumes, etc. You’ll feel as if you’ve entered a sheikh’s treasury.

But… East or West, home is best. If you don’t want to try something exotic, New Year’s online shopping is always available to you. You can make internet purchases lazily, and you needn’t ask “Are shopping malls open on New Year’s Day?”

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