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AMA Unique Born in Paris

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Fashion and its world has always fascinated all women. They could express themselves, show their own ego and even create their own trends with the respect to the fashions of the moment. It is our nature to be fascinated by the world of fashion from the catwalks and haute couture dresses that we see in the covers of the most famous weeklies to the favorite garments from our wardrobe.

Nevertheless, the fashion industry still has many shortcomings, at different levels, as regards the production of the sizes and also as regards the choice of models for advertising and for fashion shows. There are a lot of women who feel that fashion companies do not fulfill their needs because of the lack of sizes starting from a certain number, especially when it comes to high-end brands. Considering these issues, has been created Ama Unique to answer this market demand.

Beauty and sensuality without size limits. This is the philosophy behind Ama Unique, the new premium clothing brand born in Paris for all fashion lovers, regardless their size or shape. Aimed at promoting an industry more inclusive and ready to respond to the needs of all women, inspired by the wonderful sirens of Japanese mythology, Ama Unique offers clothes with innovative design and bright colors. Each garment is created with the aim of enhancing and accentuating the body of every woman by representing a confident, strong, conscious woman who always feels more self-confident. Like the protagonists of Japanese mythology, these women express sensuality, enhance their bodies and their forms and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd wearing garments that offer prints, patterns and bright colors.

These factors are the distinctive points of Ama Unique, a unique mix that is the fruit of the creative flair of the various designers, created with the aim of representing a revolution within the premium segment by offering high-quality glamor garments not only to women from size XS but to all. It breaks the old industry standards, where long-limbed models projected the image of the perfect woman, and finally allowing all women to get the garment they wanted.

Not only that, the great novelty that AMA Unique is going to offer an exclusive service to all customers, that will make available the possibility of customizing the garment! 

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