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Whatever your preferences in classy women’s clothing are, you will find your new favorite items in the Permanent Line collection. This is AMA’s brand identity collection. We designed this apparel to emphasize your natural beauty and character.

Creating this collection, AMA’s designers turned their eye to Japanese clothing traditions. Classic kimonos have inspired the creation of a unique blend of French know-how with a Japanese touch. This collection reflects the very quintessence of AMA’s style. Each garment in this collection has a highlight, and the exclusive design elements and unique prints accentuate your individuality.

For the Permanent Line collection, designers at AMA created exclusive luxury clothing that considers all features of different body types. They designed clothes that fit all sizes and look equally gorgeous on every woman. And carefully chosen fabrics provide comfort and elegance.

AMA Unique uses only the finest European fabrics. In the Permanent Line collection, we use the highest quality synthetic fabric, cotton, and viscose. Innovative technologies and best textiles allowed AMA to make quality women’s clothing that adapts to the features of each figure. Each model highlights the personality and attractiveness of women of all sizes from S to XXXL.

AMA Unique creates a great variety of high fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories. The Permanent Line collection includes women’s business clothing, everyday apparel, evening gowns, and office suits. The brand also implements a looks combination strategy. It means that you can mix AMA’s styles and make up a complete wardrobe.

We understand that each woman is unique and beautiful. And we provide you with stylish clothes to fit your personality and highlight your figure. AMA is your way to fill the wardrobe with beauty and emotions!


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