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We at AMA Unique are mindful of the diversity of body types, and we put so much energy into making our clothes fit any figure.
You are offered women`s stylish clothes of all sizes that fit all shapes. We know you may need customization of our products according to your body measurements. And we are ready to customize any item of our collections for the perfect fit at our atelier. Such hand-crafted customization makes the apparel exclusive and unique.

Our brand exists for you to make no compromises. You deserve to wear premium fashion clothes, and AMA Unique provides with a great choice of luxury outfit of any size and shape. Our apparel gives you the opportunity to show your status through the best way possible – through your natural beauty highlighted by the way you dress.

AMA`s online clothing store is the destination for you to find the style of dress you`ve been looking for. The website is a resource where a modern woman can purchase universal clothes that fits her taste and embraces her attractiveness. The brand`s catalogue creates new trends for women wishing to have elegant and noticeable style.

It is a great pleasure for us to bring you comfort and beauty because that`s the way we see you. And we do everything, so you feel the same way. The fashionable plus size women`s clothing collections by AMA Unique are made to fit any time, any place and any occasion. You may have a meeting at the office, enjoy business lunch at the restaurant, go for a walk in the park, spend time shopping with your friends, party at the club or even go to sleep – you can definitely pick a garment by ÁMA Unique that will fit the situation.

The stylish plus size women`s clothing created by the team of AMA Unique is designed for living in a big city. You can feel like yourself in the hustle and bustle of the busy streets in the quick change of situations and locations. Move forward, decide, express yourself, live a full life – ÁMA will be your reliable partner in all types of your activities.

ÁMA Unique is a luxury clothing brand that develops apparel not to hide your body behind it. We create clothes that help you demonstrate the best of you and make you proud of your beautiful body. Providing you with unique design solutions and high-quality fabrics, we aim to accentuate the advantages of your appearance.

ÁMA Unique is a French designer brand offering fashion clothes for women with sizes from S to XXXL. We are a high-quality clothing brand that meets every modern woman`s needs and expectations. Inspired by Asian traditions, American fashion and remaining true to a French origin, our brand creates fashionable stylish clothes for women of all body types and shapes.
Our collections are a unique mix of French tailoring clothes, modified Japanese kimonos, costumes dresses, swimsuits with exclusive prints designed especially for ÁMA.

We put our love for beauty and luxury women`s clothing in every item we create. But we design clothes that fit your figure and make you feel comfortable and confident. While developing women`s fashion clothing, we first aim to emphasize your individuality and highlight the best parts of your figure. We are not chasing trends; we want to create apparel that justifies your expectations.

ÁMA is not only a high-quality women's clothing brand. We develop shoes and accessories, most of which are hand-made in one copy. So, every time you wear them, you are the one and only who can have them.

With ÁMA Unique you can highlight your beauty and personality in any situation.

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